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Mr. Wayne Myers,
Indiana ASA State Commissioner

Indiana ASA Softballs and Umpire Equipment

Do you need to order softballs for your league or your tournament?

Are you looking for the only place in Indiana ASA to purchase Umpire Equipment?

Use the links below to access these services:

SoftballsHere you will find complete information, including an order form, to purchase softballs for your league or tournament.
Umpire EquipmentThis page gives you all the information you need, including an order form, to purchase your ASA Umpire Equipment.

The Indiana ASA, Inc., follows the Constitution and Bylaws of the Amateur Softball Association of America.  The Amateur Softball Association of America has been proclaimed the sole governing body of amateur softball in the United States.  This was done by the United States Olympic Committee through the Amateur Sports Act, which was passed by Congress in 1978.